Resin Carved Products

The EnkaFlex® Collection

Most Items are available in Resin. Carved resin corbels, Moldings, and Onlays are priced as shown on the product pages of this website. All other items please call customer service for further information.

EnkaFlex®, a flexible option from Enkeboll Designs. Vastly different than traditional wood carvings, EnkaFlex® poly resin corbels flex to fit radius contours and shapes. EnkaFlex® is made from poly resin corbels, it looks identical to carved wood and can be painted or stained to match any color. Perfect for interior and exterior applications, our carved resin corbel wood will not deteriorate and doesn’t contain joints that can crack and open over time. The EnkaFlex® series captures the essence and details of our wide range of wood designs, making it a perfect solution.

Please call or email customer service for any questions or to place your order for EnkaFlex®

800-745-5507 or customerservice@enkeboll.com

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